2.0 Build the Program Schedule


Building a program schedule is one of the major ways that programs differ from projects. Programs are umbrella organizations to coordinate the delivery of common benefits from underlying projects. The projects within a program create all of the deliverables. Therefore the program schedule does not have all of the detailed activities for building these deliverables. Instead the program schedule has two different sets of activities.

  • The activities required to manage the program.

  • Higher level milestones from the various projects. The program then monitors the work of the projects using these project milestones.

On the surface it might seem like a program would have a very complex schedule because of the totality of work is much larger. However, the program may well have a much less complicated schedule since much of the program work is monitoring the projects - not directly managing the delivery of work.

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2.1 Build the Schedule / Process

2.2 Build the Schedule / Techniques

2.3 Building Project Schedules within a Program

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