10.0 Manage Program Human Resources


A program manager is 100% responsible for the processes used to manage a program. The program manager also has people management responsibilities, although these responsibilities may or may not be shared with the functional managers of the team members. Many programs are staffed with people that continue to report to separate managers within their functional organizations. In that case the management of staff is a shared responsibility. On the other hand since programs are larger and can exist for long timeframes it is also possible that staff does, in fact, report functionally within the program. In that case, the people management responsibilities would also be owned 100% by the program.

There are two levels of people management on a program.

  1. Program Office. The program manager provides direct people management to any staff that resides at the program level. The program manager usually has 100% responsibility for these people in the Program Office.

  2. Project managers. The program manager also provides people management to the project managers within the program since the project managers report to the program manager. Depending on the size of the program these project managers may be shared cross-functionally with functional managers or they may be organized functionally into the program.

  3. The project staff reports to the project manager so the program manager does not directly manage them.  

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10.1 Manage Human Resources / Processes

10.2 Manage Human Resources / Techniques

10.3 Managing Human Resources on Projects within a Program

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