11.0 Manage Quality


The Program Office has overall responsibility for quality on the program. That being said, all of the program deliverables are created at the project level. Therefore the projects actually have first line of responsibility for product quality. The program monitors quality at the project level and assists if there are problems or variances.

The Program Office provides guidance to the projects through the creation of the Quality Management Plan. This Plan includes any quality initiatives undertaken at the program level that impact all projects in the program. The Plan also provides guidance to the projects on the quality assurance and quality control processes they should have in place.

Similarly there should be a number of metrics that the program needs to better understand what is going on in the projects. These metrics provide insight into the overall health of the program. These common metrics will be defined in the Quality Management Plan. The projects will then capture and report on these common metrics.

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11.1 Manage Quality / Process

11.2 Manage Quality / Techniques

11.3 Managing Quality on Projects within a Program

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