13.0 Manage Stakeholders


Stakeholders are specific people or groups who have a stake or an interest in the outcome of the program. There are typically stakeholders from within the company such as the Program Sponsor, Steering Committee, Governance Board, etc. A program may also have external stakeholders, including suppliers, investors, community groups and government organizations.

Programs generally have many stakeholders. You should perform a stakeholder analysis to identify the various stakeholders and their interest in the program. The results are documented in a Stakeholder Management Plan.

Stakeholder management is performed through the Program Office. The overall Stakeholder Management Plan is created at the program level. The overall approach and the activation of the plan are proactively managed at the program level.

The projects do not create their own Stakeholder Management Plans. This could result in chaotic and disjointed communication. Project communication is driven using the overall Program Stakeholder Plan. As projects start, they refer to the Program Stakeholder Plan for guidance to see how they should be managing project-level stakeholders. There is no need for them to have their own project level Stakeholder Management Plan. If the Program Stakeholder Management Plan is not adequate for a project, the project manager should request changes at the program level. It is likely that gaps in the Stakeholder Management Plan can be closed to help other project teams as well.

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13.1 Manage Program Stakeholders / Process

13.2 Manage Program Stakeholders / Techniques

13.3 Managing Stakeholders on Projects within a Program

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