12.0 Manage Procurement

Overview (12.0.P1)

Procurement refers to the aspects of project management related to obtaining goods and services from outside companies. This specifically refers to vendors and suppliers. It does not refer to other internal organizations within your own company.

Procurement is handled at two levels within a program depending on where the work is most efficient.

  • Needed by entire program. If procured good or services are needed across the program, it is likely that the procurement will be managed by the Program Office.

  • Needed by one project. If the procured goods or services are needed by one project, it is likely that the procurement will be managed by the individual project.

  • Needed by multiple projects. You will need to use best judgment to see what level the procurement should be managed. If there are common needs by multiple related projects, it is likely that one of the projects can take the lead and manage the procurement effort on behalf of multiple projects. If the procured goods and services are used by many projects, and the projects are not aware of the totality of requirements across all projects, it is possible that the procurement is done at the program level.

If the program is performing vendor selection the work can be done during the initial Program Definition or after the program execution has started. The timing will depend on when the procured goods or services are needed. If the goods or services are needed by all projects in the program, it is likely that the program procurement will come early during the program definition process. It is also possible that the procurement could take place immediately after the Program Charter is approved and before any of the projects have started.

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12.1 Manage Procurement / Process

12.2 Manage Procurement / Techniques

12.3 Managing Procurement on Projects within a Program

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